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Enrollment for 2018-2019 information and dates
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Monday, June 18, 2018
Click on the STUDENT ENROLLMENT BUTTON  on the right.
Click on the STUDENT ENROLLMENT BUTTON on the right.
All students must register, even if you were here last year.

Parents may go online to enroll their students now for the current school year.


Because we are a distance education school, please be aware that a parent or legal guardian will still need to accompany each student to Pathways to complete registration following the process and schedule below.

* Below you can find the enrollment schedule.


Enrollment Process:  

  • Plan on about 1 hour to complete the registration process
  • Parent/Guardian and student must be present  on the scheduled enrollment day.


Steps for registration:

  • Parent/Guardian will complete and review enrollment forms.
  • Student and parent/guardian will complete and sign the plan of study with the teacher and Pathways counselor. 
  • Student must finish one complete lesson to be fully enrolled.
  • All of these items must be completed before being considered enrolled!
  • * If student is new to the district, parent must bring a photo ID, student's birth certificate, immunization records, two proofs of residency, guardianship paperwork if required.


Enrollments dates for the 2018-2019 schools year:

Second Semester Enrollment Windows

Cycle 1: January 22-24

Cycle 2: Febuary 11-13

Cycle 3: March 04- 06

Cycle 4: April 01-03

Cycle 5: April 29-May 1

*Due to our three week class cycles as well, we have enrollments windows for students. We do not enroll outside of those windows. Please contact our registrar Sarah Kunzi for an appointment during this window. 


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