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Finding the BEST path for each student!

Our Guiding Philosophy: Doing what is best for students.

Our mission is to support the needs of our students through:

  • Offering acceleration for students to make up credit deficiencies 
    or who wish to graduate early
  • Remediating Skills Deficiencies, especially for student who have been retained
  • Offering opportunities for students with severe credit deficiencies or at risk of dropping out
  • Providing a program for Habitual Discipline Problem (HDP) students or those who have been suspended from their home school
  • Meeting needs of students under IEP
  • Supporting students with medical needs
  • Providing a place for students who prefer a non-traditional school environment 
November 28th-December 6th
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As of October 13, 2017, passing the HSPE will no longer be a graduation requirement. If you have met all graduation requirements...

Enrollment beginson August 1, 2017, at 1:00 pm.  School starts August 7th! Enrollment Process: Plan on about 1-1/2 hours...

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2015-2016 Parent-Athlete Handbook and Athletic Registration & Physical Forms

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