How do I get an item on a Board agenda?
Print the Agenda Request form in the Forms Library. Submit the form to the Board Secretary. She will contact the Board President for permission to schedule on a future agenda. NOTE: Before you will be given time on a Board agenda to bring a problem to the Board's attention, you must attempt to resolve the problem administratively at the lowest level and proceed up through the chain of command, ending with the Superintendent.

I'm interested in school Board service. What must I do?
Unless there is a vacancy on the Board due to a resignation, a citizen interested in serving on the Board must wait until the seat comes up for election. A Board member must reside in the area he or she wishes to serve. See the Board of Trustees Main Page for the link to trustee area descriptions.

How do I know which trustee area I reside in?
See link on the Board of Trustees Main Page
The County Clerk's office can quickly look up which precinct you live in once you provide your name and address. 

I want to register a complaint at the next Board meeting? How do I do that?
Board meetings are meetings of the Board held in a public forum. While there are periods set aside for public comment during Board meetings, they are limited to 3 minutes per person. The Board may listen to your complaint at that time but will be unable to act on it since public comment is for discussion only. Any complaint should follow the chain of command. In other words, you should speak to the person with whom you have a disagreement first. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction there, you should then speak to that person's supervisor and on up the chain of command to the district office level. After you have gone through these steps, you may file a written public complaint, which will follow the process outlined in Policy/Administrative Regulation 1400 (the form is located in the Forms Library as well as the Policy Manual). The Board is the last resort. If the matter reaches that level, the individual must file a written agenda request for the matter to be placed on the agenda. Most matters are settled in the chain of command process.