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  About The School  

Pathways High School and Middle School

Pathways is a non-traditional school where students are engaged in learning using an assisted/independent learning approach.  Grade levels are 3 through 12. 

Course work is on-line using the A+LS Program.  It is expected that students do a minimum of 20 hours per week on their course. Teachers are assigned to each student and are to provide support and instruction.  Pathways is a highly structured environment, with a rigorous academic regime.  Students who want to be successful in the school must be independently motivated, goal oriented, and organized. 

Highly qualified instructors are in each classroom to provide assistance to students.  Students academic progress is monitored by staff and parents.  Students are responsible for their progress.  If a student does not complete at least one class every 3 weeks he/she could be exited for the program.

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